One of the most important strategic partnerships of Athens Medical Group is with the German colossus in the field of Health Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, which, since 2007, has participated in company’s share capital by 30.7%.

Asklepios Kliniken GmbH was funded in 1984 and is currently the largest European Group in the field of Health Care. It owns 100 hospitals, with a total capacity of 20.000 beds. It employs 36,000 employees and has a turnover exceeding 2 billion euros. The most fundamental purpose of this partnership is providing specialized services, such as the participation in «public – private sector partnerships» and privatization of public hospitals.

The Group’s value-added features include: its expertise in cost and quality optimization, the ability to provide high-standard Health Care services, and the know-how to operate facilities as diverse as general and maternity hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and psychiatric units.

Athens Medical Group has signed, as well, a Cooperation Memorandum with the University hospital Massachusetts General Hospital (M.G.H) of the Harvard Medical School.

Athens Medical Group also cooperates with Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) of London, the leading institution for research, education and training in fetal medicine, which was founded and chaired by Professor C. Nicolaides.