Malignant microcalcifications - BI-RADS 5

Case contributed by Dr S.Potsi

Diagnosis certain


Hx:Known Ca colon. Palpable lump in left breast.

Previous mammograms(2016): ACR C,BIRADS 1


Patient Data

AGE: 53 years

GENDER: Female

Bilateral mammography:a new cluster of suspicious microcalcifications located in the left breast outer -superior quadrant.

Mammogram shows pleomorphic microcalcifications in a regional distribution compromising the outer -superior quadrant of the left breast.

There is also thickening of the skin and nipple retraction.

The imaging findings are highly suggestive of malignancy: BI-RADS 5.



Ultrasound: confirmed the mammographic lesion as a solid hypoechogenic nodule, as taller as wider, with irregular margins, and no clear internal vascularity.


Ultrasound guided core-biopsy: US-guided core biopsy using a 14G needle and 3 passes. No suspicious lymph nodes in the left axillary cavity.


Case Discussion

This case illustrates a highly suspicious lesion depicted on the routine mammogram which, regardless the result of the biopsy, should be excised. US-guided core biopsy confirmed a lobular carcinoma.


Invasive carcinoma of the breast, composed of pleomorphic neoplastic cells, with grade 2 nuclei that contain small nucleoli.Few mitoses are observed.Some neoplastic cells contain intracytoplasmatic vacuoles.Neoplastic cells infiltrate the stroma singly or in small aggregates.


Left breast biopsy, 2 o'clock: Lobular carcinoma.



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