A modern hospital in the heart of Athens

The Medical Centre of Psychico joined the Athens Medical Group in June 1997 to provide a more populated area in the heart of Athens with direct access to medical services and hospital care of high standards, as guaranteed by the Group.

Moving on to modernize the facilities, providing cutting-edge medical equipment, choosing  experienced, skilled and highly trained scientific, nursing and administrative staff, restructuring the entire system of hospital, one more model hospital was created that provides quality health services to residents of the area.

The doctors that collaborate with the Clinic are of high scientific status, as is proved by their long service in internationally renowned centre abroad and in Greece as well as by their academic degrees and titles. They cover all the specialties, on the alert 24 hours, meeting the demands of all cases and every medical need.

The Medical Centre of Psychiko having set the quality of services as the primary purpose of its operation certified, in 2004, the vital sector of the Intensive Care Unit with ISO 9001:2000.

The Medical Centre of Psychico has 119 beds, 6 well-equipped operating theaters and 10 ICU of 10 beds. The laboratory and diagnostic equipment is complete, of the latest technology, suitable for more specialized tests.