The Medical Center of Peristeri, located in one of the central points of Peristeri (Piazza San Antonio) began operating on 12/11/2007, creating new conditions for the residents of West Attica.

The Medical Center of Peristeri is an ultra-modern general clinic housed in a building of high standards, has a capacity of 78 beds and features (5) fully equipped operating rooms, a multipurpose intensive care unit of (6) beds and also (2) ambulances for immediate transfer of patients to and from to the clinic.

The outpatient clinic is staffed with qualified physicians in all specialties and cover immediately and safely, all scheduled cases. Furthermore, because of  the 24-hour call, it can tackle any emergency throughout the day and night (about 2,500 patients treated on a monthly basis).

Up to now, more than 400 eminent doctors cooperate with the Department, most of whom do business in the Municipality of Peristeri.  At the same time, the well-trained nurses, paramedics and administrative staff provide high quality services.

It features equipment of high biomedical technology for conducting diagnostic tests:

- CT
- Mammography
- For interventional radiology operations
- Color state-of-the-art ultrasound for  ultrasound of heart, blood vessels and organs, test stress, holter of rhythm and pressure as well as modern endoscopic laboratory equipment (gastrointestinal-bronchology, EEG-maiograph, aydiometer and other modern machines
- Fluoroscopy for invasive operations.